How Do I Edit Wikipedia?

There are lots and lots of tutorials, resources, references, and help files to guide you through the process: almost too many! Here are some useful ones.

  • The first thing you should do is set up an account and pick a username. It can be hard to choose a good one; here’s some advice from Wikipedia: The Missing Manual (the whole book is available free online, by the way.)
  • The Wikipedia Adventure is a simple game that walks you through creating an account and editing an article, and rewards you with stars at each step. It’s a pretty good way for absolute beginners to get started.
  • Here’s nice advice on editing, aimed especially at people in museums, libraries, and galleries.
  • Wikipedia Plain and Simple is a short-ish reference that summarises how Wikipedia works, the editing conventions, how to upload photos, and so forth. It’s pretty dense with lots of links, but worth revisiting as you get more familiar with editing.
  • Editing has recently gotten a lot easier with the new editing toolbar, but you sometimes still need to know some of the editing codes. This cheatsheet is a handy reference.
  • Remember the Conflict of Interest policy at Wikipedia, if you’re considering editing a page about yourself, your friend, or your workplace.
  • If you’re looking for ideas for articles to work on, check out the lists in WikiProject NZ, or in one of the sub-projects like the Māori Task Force.

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